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Shot Peening Training

• "3M Roto Peen Flaps Assemblies for Aerospace"


• "Advanced Shot Peening"


• "Corrosion Removal and Control, Using 3 M Products Designed for Aerospace"


• "Glass Transparencies Repair and Restoration for Aerospace"


• "Liquid Penetrant, Optical Micrometer and Ultrasonic Testing for Aerospace"


• "Optical Surface Restoration for Aerospace"



Military Aircraft Canopy Repair - On-site Canopy and On-Board Optical Window Restoration Before /After. RCF performs or trains technicians in on-board canopy restoration. An unusable canopy can be restored back to serviceable conditions. The process is a significant cost-savings investment. Replacing the transparency can cost over $114,000 and 400 man hours. Full Canopy Restoration by RCF cost approximately $20,000. The total cost of restoration is only a fraction of other options. RCF - also performs optical surface restoration in accordance with FAA Certification. Our in-place aircraft window repair, techniques, guidelines and process produces quality restorations. Optical surface restoration is performed on site, averaging thirty minutes per window. Each phase of the restoration is performed on site including initial damage analysis, surface preparation, and progressive polishing. Side windows, pilot-escape windows, emergency exit windows, landing lights, and wingtip lights can all be restored through this process. Through joint efforts with business partners job is too large or too small.

I teach hands-on repair, so the technician is able to perform this work upon completion of the course.


Serviced customers

  • Boeing
  • American Airlines
  • National Aviation Museum Foundation
  • FlexJet
  • US Marine Corp/Navy
  • Mesa Airlines
  • Mesaba Airlines
  • Lockheed Martine
  • Delta
  • FAA Oklahoma City
  • GKN Aerospace
  • Trans States Airlines
  • Iceland Air
  • Lufthansa
  • US Air
  • THE LIST GOES ON.......

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Roto peen train and optical restoration is my passion for 40 + years.

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224 Laura Hill Road, Saint Peters, Missouri 63376, United States

(314) 223-0808

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Airframe modification using roto peening

As part of the class the repairs were included in the training, the modification was completed. All within the same day.


Optical Restoration Class

Repairs were made to several helicopters ready for delivery. This was accomplished as part of the training to offset the cost of the class.


Hands on training, Its the best way to learn. It makes the service a cost affective option for your customers.