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Cost Effective Approach to Repairing OEM Shot Peened Parts for Aviation
for Managers of Aviation Repairs.

Aviation repair depends on the maintenance and replacement of parts according to the original manufacture’s and FAA specifications.  Shot peening provides the final part of repairing a component for installation.  However, shot peening services are expensive and can be inefficient for all but the largest operations.  The expense comes from finding a certified vendor, who can get the part completed correctly, on time, and according to specifications.  This can come at premium for time-sensitive repairs.  The greatest expense is not the repair of the part, but the decommissioning of the plane for an extended time of service and maintenance.    Unless the repair is a one-time repair, shipping a part for shot-peening services is inefficient.  Thus, managers of aviation repairs must analyze the costs of repairing shot peened parts through a variety of means.   This paper is a decision-makeing outline to help you analyze possible solutions maximizing price and downtime for the repair of OEM shot peened parts.


Possible Solutions: 
    1. Acquire OEM Part:  Purchase a new part
    2. Off-site FAA Certified Repairs: Sending out the part for repair
    3. On-site FAA Certified Repairs: Bringing in someone to the facility to do the work.
    4. Off-site FAA Certified Training of Employee(s): Send an employee to a school
    5. On-site FAA Certified Training of Employee(s): Bring in someone to train and certify employee
    6. On-site FAA Certified Training and Repair: Bring in someone to train, certify and work on the part at the same time.
              Non Destructive Testing (NDT):
                We offer non-destructive testing with ultrasonic and optical technologies.  NDT Service offered on demand 24/7.


                (Determining the thickness and servicability of the engine for an Embraer commuter jet)


                (Surveying damaged area with a 220-point inspection )