Raymond Fontana
224 Laura Hill Rd
St. Peters

Telephone: 314-223-0808

Information: Ray Fontana has over 30 years in the research and development of medical equipment and aviation for various companies: Curtain Scientific, Sherwood Medical, Bausch & Lomb, Corning, and New Brunswick Scientific. In 1983 he was offered a position by McDonnell Douglas in the Medicine In Space Program as the Equipment Manager for the project. Over nine years he worked on various projects, unmanned vehicles, test equipment for aircraft, Harpoon and Tomahawk, UAV aerial vehicles, satellite communications, structural repair procedures, and ISO 9000 certification, along with various other projects. In 1992, RCF Inc. was started with the philosophy of ,“We find solutions for the customer”, working with long-term engineering projects for; Southwestern Bell Mobile, American Meter Corp., Roar Gas (Germany), Chlorox, 3M Corp., Flex-a-lite and others. The company set up and introduced the first FAA certified program for Roto Peening Training. Expanding the FAA Training Certification courses to include Corrosion Control, Structural Repair Advanced Training, Aircraft Plastic Welding, Aircraft Acrylic Window Restoration and Advanced Roto Peening Training. Customers include: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Iceland Air, Erickson Helicopter Company, TACA Airlines , Alaskan Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Horizons Airlines, BAC, Bombardier and Boeing.